• Sorrell Says -- Expect More Uncertainty, More #Marmitegate Until The New Year Starts With A Massive Hangover
    Sir Martin Sorrell was commenting on WPP noticing a "softening" in demand for its services but soon widened to what we all suspect. Christmas is keeping us from the price rises we know are in the post for January.
  • Black Friday Set To Eat Christmas -- Can Retailers Survive This Pyrrhic Victory?
    Black Friday nearly doubled its proportion of festive UK sales last year, but this year retailers will have to discount stock that a weak pound means they should be putting up in price. Mass redundancies and high street closures to come calling in January?
  • How Can 'Smart' Marketers Be So Wrong About IoT And Chat Bots?
    Wanna get the latest tech on your cv? It does nothing for the customer and wastes budget, but will make you look trendy and earn speaking invites at conference where you can pretend it worked out while you look for another job among those impressed by your "vision."
  • BT's New Digital Outdoor Should Be An AI Concierge, Not Just WiFi And A Plug Nobody Needs
    They're selling BT's proposed kiosks with 55" screens as a free WiFi service. Nobody needs this. What they do want is an AI helper courtesy of fast broadband, a touchscreen and smart technology.
  • Heathrow's Third Runway Is A Statement Of Intent -- The UK Is Open For Business Beyond The EU
    Nobody would ever say it's not bad news for local residents, but a third runway at Heathrow will show the world that the media industry, among others, is open to global expansion.
  • Standing Up To The Ad-Blocking Shoplifters Is The Only Way Forward
    The FT has shown that when publishers take on the ad blockers, they win -- as long as their content is compelling enough to get whitelisted.
  • Will Live Keep Twitter Alive? Don't Count On It
    Twitter has hinted that its future lies in live events. But if it holds no major deals and you can view its materials on the rights holders' properties, is this just a new channel rather than a turnaround plan?
  • 50:50 Viewability -- Could Innovation Be Playing A Major Role, As Well As Fraud?
    The latest figures put UK viewability at just 49% (including fraud), which is pretty depressing -- but could some of the UK's malaise be caused by pioneering 'tall' pages and takeovers? Could innovation be playing an unwitting role?
  • What Next For Twitter, The Old Maid With No Suitor In A Game That's Moved On?
    While Jack Dorsey is reported to be strategising a way of reversing Twitter's fortunes, a more pressing problem could simply be that it has virtually nothing to offer any suitor.
  • Is Digital The Trojan Horse Consultants Will Use To Invade The Marketing Industry?
    The more digital marketing becomes a case of choosing and implementing the right tools, the greater the opportunity for the big consultancies to pinch an agency's lunch.
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