• Consultancies Are Coming For Your Lunch -- Their Secret Weapon? The CIO And CFO
    Consultancies increasingly appear to mean business as they make a claim for digital marketing work. Only they have a secret weapon of working with the tech and money guys who speak the language of the board.
  • BT's Secret Master Plan -- Delay Ofcom On Openreach Until The Future Is Mobile 5G
    Has BT just pulled off the smartest move of all? Delay Openreach decisions until they are forced to take action at a time where they are not bothered because everything will be about mobile and 5G?
  • British Shoppers Call Out Black Friday's Charade
    Double-digit growth predictions leave experts red-faced as British shoppers see through Black Friday on a high street where discounting has become the new norm.
  • Fake Deals, Cannibalised Sales -- What Does Anyone Get From Black Friday?
    Want a deal on a console that's going to be replaced or last year's HDTV? Roll right up for fake deals that will leave retailers wondering why December is another disappointment.
  • Drop The Metrics, Speak The Language Of Business -- FA CEO's Top Tips For Success
    Very few marketers have followed in the path of Martin Glenn's rise from marketer to CEO, and he believes this is attributable to execs not showing their company how they generate money, not just metrics.
  • Sorrell Was Right About Zero-Based Budgets, But Brands' Revenge Will Hurt Small More Than Large
    WPP's boss is right to be concerned, but if brands are hoping to strike back at the big guys, they may find they are hurting the independents more.
  • Data Replacing Demographics Is Making FMCGs Sell Direct
    Demographics are too general, but they're all the FMCGs have unless they go direct and gather data so they can respond to behaviour -- not age and gender.
  • Transparency Now A Two-Way Street -- An Agency Is For Life, Not Just Christmas
    It's easy to get in the cycle of replacing agencies, but smart marketers now realise they have a role to play in transparency. Share strategy and data and stop griping about agencies is a new mantra gaining traction in London.
  • #BusterTheDog Is Number One For All The Right, And Wrong, Reasons
    John Lewis's bouncing #BusterTheBoxer has already walked Christmas for shares and engagement, and now it's the number one target for #StopFundingHate.
  • Online Overtakes TV As Influencer Vloggers Open Up The Teen Market
    For the first time, children are spending more time online than watching tv -- meaning that transparent influencer vlogging is become increasingly important to brands in reaching pre-teens and teens.
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