• As Apple Music Frustrates, Amazon Shapes Up For Unlimited Appeal
    It can't be a coincidence, can it? in the week that will end with the return of Jeremy Clarkson and pals through The Grand Tour, Amazon backs up its GBP160m investment in double denim and motoring banter with Music Unlimited.
  • Lego -- Just Another Brick In The Wall? Or The Start Of Something Massive?
    Lego's decision to drop the "Daily Mail" is a precursor for more big brands to hear the calls of anger in the UK over right-wing tabloid headlines. More will follow at the worst time of year possible for a dying print business.
  • Mobile-First, Then Digital-First -- How 2016 Transitions Into 2017
    The figures have been reappraised. 2016 was the year of mobile, or at least "mobile-first" -- and early next year we will be digital-first as new channels overtake their traditional rivals for media attention.
  • Did John Lewis Just 'Borrow' Christmas? From Burberry 2015?
    Anyone remember neuroscientists agreeing that Burberry's trampoline ad won Christmas 2015? Maybe John Lewis has just shown it was paying attention as Buster The Boxer is unveiled for 2016.
  • Punk In A Suit -- What Marketers Can Learn From Brexit 2.0
    "What are you rebelling against?".... What You Got? The Wild One line sums up the new anti-establishment wave that marketers need to tap into on both sides of the pond.
  • Boom! UK Tells Facebook And WhatsApp Who's Privacy Boss -- Just Wait For GDPR To Bite
    If Facebook can't get a hook on today's relatively light-touch privacy rules, what chance does it have of navigating GDPR in May 2018?
  • Control By Threat -- Why The Government's Bid To Tame The Media Has Failed
    In its first act of defiance since Impress won the Royal Charter, the UK's national press has blocked the body even sponsoring an awards evening. It's the media equivalent of sticking two fingers up at a Government with a tiny majority that needs press support more than ever.
  • Did Media Just Catch A Brexit Break?
    It's a tiny glimmer of hope for a judge to tell the Government that Parliament must have a voice.
  • Three Surrenders On Ad Blocking, But Mobile Marketing Industry Must Heed The Shot Across Its Bows
    Good news that Three has dropped carrier-level ad blocking, but the mobile marketing industry should not relax. It's time instead to tackle intrusive advertising that would prompt an operator to have taken the radical step in the first place.
  • Customers Are Living in A Mobile-First World -- Is Your Marketing?
    More traffic comes from mobile than desktop globally, prompting the searching question -- what are you doing to make it easier for customers to be loyal on the small screen?
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