• Wanna Be Viewable, Or Seen? Digital Marketing's New Conundrum
    Ticking the box of viewability means ads appear in small units on cluttered pages where they go unnoticed, new research shows. Better to go big and forget about viewability?
  • Dear Brands: Sorry We Haven't Mentioned It, But Half Of Us Are Ignoring You
    Nearly half of Brits are zoning out brands that pursue them in social media, so the message is clear -- put us at the centre of what you're doing and drop the sales pitch, or we'll simply ignore you.
  • Brand Image Final Score -- 'Telegraph' and FA 2 - Cheats 0
    A sad day -- but one in which 'The Telegraph' upheld its moral crusade against corruption and the FA walked the walk on its promise to enforce respect for the national game.
  • What's Next For Twitter, Now That It Has Lost Its Mojo?
    It hasn't managed to monetise its massive mobile user base, and now it has even lost its cool factor. Surely it's only a matter of time until a tech giant that has mobile monetisation sorted out saves the sick patient?
  • Nespresso Must Learn Digital Experience Requires A Helping Brand Beyond Swooning At George Clooney
    Being your own customer is vital if you want to help digital customers. If you hide features and don't deliver on them, is it any wonder you think the customer has not quite got the message?
  • Publishers Should Love Google And Facebook, Tackle News-Thieving Parasite Start-Ups Instead
    Why are the news organisations rounding on Google and Facebook who send them millions of readers. Surely start-up parasite brands using social to pass on stolen articles are the real enemy?
  • Creatives Join The Queue To Blame Themselves For Ad-Blocking Crisis They Didn't Create
    Hot on the heels of brands vowing better ads to tackle an ad-blocking crisis they did not create, we now have creatives doing exactly the same.
  • Programmatic Education -- Can It Really Paper Over Transparency Issues Between Brands And Agencies?
    ISBA is helping advertisers to gain a better understanding of programmatic, but suggestions that this could help restore trust with agencies are probably overly optimistic.
  • Millennial Madness -- Gurus Get Called Out At Long Last
    The assumption that everyone in their twenties thinks and acts the same is finally being put to bed by researchers who point out that attitudes and behaviours are not strictly delineated by neat age groups.
  • Can Brands Clear Up Publishers' Ad-Blocking Mess?
    Surely intrusive ads can only be countered by the publishers who offer them? The Coalition For Better Ads needs publishers more than responsible advertisers who didn't cause the mess.
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