• Is Viewability The Price Of Programmatic And Mobile Leadership?
    The UK is a leader in mobile and programmatic -- but this appears to be coming at the expense of viewability.
  • Digital Outdoor And Mobile -- The New Superhero Duo?
    Outdoor billboards serving mobile ads to relevant, opted-in passersby sounds like just the tonic for a channel tooling up for digital.
  • Online Ad Spend Hits A Tipping Point As Print Plummets, Again
    Massive online and mobile growth has tipped digital to more than half of all ad spending. And it's print that is feeling the squeeze.
  • BA's Crown Slips As Airlines Outed For Poor Service
    New research shows that no industry has worsened in customer experience as much as air travel.
  • Google Is Untouchable, Even Against Boycotts And A Record EU Fine
    A global YouTube boycott actually saw revenue go up, and a massive EU fine merely dented one quarter's profits.
  • No Means No -- And A 'Really?' Could Soon Cost 20m Euros
    Some companies are still asking people who said "no" whether they meant it. A foolish mistake today, a very costly one from next May.
  • Are Consultancies The Key To Unlock The Boardroom?
    Agencies have been fretting about the rise of consultancies, but could they turn out to be a route to the top for some?
  • Publishers To Facebook's Paywall: 'Show Me The Money!'
    Facebook is acting like its paywall will save publishers. It begs the question -- at what price?
  • Time The BBC Stood Up To Better Paid Male Stars?
    Why not cut male stars' pay for gender parity? Could they really all leave? Would we actually miss them?
  • Did The UK Just Give Up Fighting The Facebook And Google Duopoly?
    As "The Telegraph" pulls out of Arena, it's likely sharing data was a stretch for UK publishers taking on the tech giants' duopoly.
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