• Why We Should Focus On Pinterest -- The Quietly Approaching Unicorn
    It's where most people share their BuzzFeed content, and it's now as popular outside the U.S. as inside.
  • From iPhones To Tesla? What Next For Apple?
    More reliance on services and electric cars -- Apple's future now that iPhone sales are dipping?
  • Getting Content Seen The BuzzFeed Way
    Split attention between content and distribution and hit the three shareable sweet spots and your content might start going places.
  • Alas Poor Print, I Knew Him Well
    Down 11% while ad revenues soar by 7%, print is on a slow, painful march to the bottom.
  • Want To Do Mobile Loyalty Well? Just Pop Into A Starbucks (And Jump The Queue)
    Combining loyalty with payment and putting it all in an app that lets users jump the queue. Why isn't everyone following suit?
  • Ad Week Europe Shows The Importance Of Swapping 'Likes' For Board Room Talk
    Want to make CEO? Give up 'likes' for the business metrics that are hidden in marketing's achievements.
  • Google Is Smarter Than The EU -- It Ran The Numbers
    A couple of billion Euros in fines is less than it should be paying in tax and it gets market domination thrown in.
  • Forget Privacy Concerns -- Block The Blockers And They'll Soon Come Back
    As eMarketer predicts, one in four will be blocking next year. It's time to block the blockers and bring them back into the fold.
  • Time To Admit Second Screening Is A Myth?
    A researcher claims that studies keep showing that second screening during a compelling show is a myth that digital marketers do not want to uncover.
  • Does UK Lead In Programmatic And Unviewable Connected Ads?
    The UK leads Europe for programmatic adoption but also for unviewable ads -- surely the two have to be linked?
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