• 2017 -- The Year Digital Finally Started Growing Up
    Social took on hate and fake news, publishers tackled bad ads and agencies demanded transparency.
  • Inspiring Or Effective? UK's Top TV Ad For 2017 May Surprise You
    There's not a cuddly monster or an arty piece of mono storytelling in the top 10 tv ads of the year.
  • Uber Told It's A Cab Firm -- Time For The Gig Economy To Grow Up
    As Uber turns out to be a cab company, after all, is it time for the gig economy to grow up?
  • What Part Of A GBP2bn Fine Hasn't Made Google Play Nice?
    The European Commission will decide whether Google has reformed. Looks like it hasn't.
  • Black Friday And Cyber Monday 'Success' Could Clean Retailers Out
    Like a Frankenstein monster, endless discounting to buy market share is turning on its master.
  • Net Neutrality, Murdochs And Disney Bring The Fight To Amazon And Netflix
    Expect Hulu to launch outside the US as traditional media giants take on the streamers.
  • Russian Fake News Brexit Row Is Sour Grapes -- What About Boris' Battle Bus?
    A row has erupted over Facebook and Russian interference, but what about our very own Brexit bad boy, Boris?
  • Ads.txt -- What Part Of Not Losing $1.27bn Don't Publishers Like?
    Publishers are losing $1.27bn a year to video ad fraud that could be tackled with ads.txt.
  • Doubling Up With Digital Display -- What The Data Tells Us
    Research showing nearly two pounds back for every pound put in is an early Christmas present for display.
  • GDPR And Electronic Privacy Regulation -- Two Things You Should Know
    Are new privacy regulations really going to come in with GDPR -- and what will they mean?
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