• Brexit Compromise Is Over-- Only MPs Can Save Adland Now
    Prime Minister Theresa May's resignation means hard Brexiters are taking over -- and adland must hope that MPs can stand up to them.
  • Is Google Guilty? The Only GDPR Question That Matters
    As GDPR turns one, Ireland is finally investigating whether Google is compliant.
  • In-Housing Is Supplementing, Not Replacing, Media Agencies
    Research shows that some functions are going in-house, but brands still want to retain a media agency.
  • Fake News Less Worrying Than Brexit Party's Diatribe
    The bots are there ahead of Thursday's EU elections, but they hold less sway than one-sided, angry Brexit Party posts.
  • Happy Birthday GDPR, We'd Forgotten You Were Here
    Brits are not noticing much difference a year after GDPR was introduced.
  • 'Game of Thrones' Won By Ikea On Second Screening
    "Game of Thrones" got a fivefold increase in social interaction after its ads ran, proving that second-screening is very real.
  • Why Did Keith Weed Pivot On Influencers?
    Cleaned-up platforms and speed of content creation explain Unilever's former marketing boss's influencer conversion.
  • Brands Must Ensure That Tech Giants Act Responsibly
    That is the message from the WFA today as Facebook bans rule breakers from live streaming.
  • Legal Or Ethical? Google's Moral Quandary
    Google's "do no evil" banner was exposed this week as Eric Schmidt defended the company in law, not morals.
  • Ad Blocking Is Decreasing, But Its Impact Is Worse
    Ad blocking is down -- but the amount it costs publishers is up by a third in just a year.
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