• Mobile-Only Trend Led By The Over 55s
    Lazy assumptions about over 55s and mobile could see marketers miss out on a key demographic.
  • Influencers Get 'Micro' And 'Real' As Trust Dips
    As trust in the channel wanes, budget is shifting to "micro" influencers who are more authentic.
  • Social Media Giants Catch A Break From Researchers
    Oxford University researchers have shown that screen time and social media cause virtually no happiness issues for most kids.
  • EU To Apple: 'You're Next'
    As Apple launches its new entertainment services, an EU antitrust investigation is the last thing it needs.
  • No Social Please, We're British
    Privacy, harmful content, fake news and political advertising concerns mean that Brits trust social media less than any "major" country.
  • Could AI Put Brands On The Wrong Side Of GDPR?
    If you can't explain to customers why the "computer said no," you may need an algorithm rethink.
  • Print Titles Continue To Swap Fivers For Pound Coins
    Digital advertising is growing -- but it's not enough to make up for the massive losses in print ad revenues.
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