• Brexit Day Is Here -- But Change Is A Year Away
    At 11pm tonight, the UK enters a transition phase where, despite the hype, virtually nothing changes until 2021.
  • BBC Newsroom Massive Job Losses Are Sad, But Inevitable
    Pooling resources around stories and beats is the norm now, not building large teams for individual shows.
  • Did The Nationals Just Pull Out Of An Ad Revenue Nosedive?
    The latest AA/Warc figures show national newspapers have stabilised revenue, while magazines plummet further.
  • Boris Spent GBP46m On Preparing Virtually Nobody For Brexit
    An official report shows that "Get Ready for Brexit" had little impact and was poorly set up.
  • UK To Decide On A US Or EU Vision Of The Internet
    The US wants the UK to back away from an EU view and see tech giants as sites, not publishers.
  • ICO Protects Children With, Mostly, A GDPR Reminder
    The privacy watchdog's 15-point guide has some useful clarifications, but it's mainly a reminder on GDPR.
  • Forget The Tough Talk -- UK Will Have To Ditch The Tech Tax
    The tech titans can relax. As France drops its tech tax, the UK is bound to follow. Isn't it?
  • UK Defies Brexit Uncertainty By Leading EU Ad-Spending Growth In 2020
    Dentsu Aegis puts ad-spending growth at 6% for the UK. Germany, Italy and Spain are set to go negative.
  • Boris, Please Leave The BBC Alone
    As the Director General leaves, the licence fee is up for question again. But how else would you fund the BBC?
  • Online Regulator Is A Near Certainty
    Media headlines and a commitment from the Government to make the internet safer point to a new regulator.
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