• Marketing Enjoys A Boris Bounce As Confidence Returns
    Despite Brexit and a record terrible year on the high street, marketers are starting to feel positive again.
  • Google Accepts The Cookie Is Finally Crumbling
    It's been crumbling for a while, but now Google gives it two years. Here's why.
  • Meghan And Harry Wake Up To Find The Press Playing Hardball
    Meghan's dad is likely to be called as a witness against her, and evidence could include personal text messages.
  • Will These Six Points Save RTB?
    The IAB UK has outlined the six points that it hopes will show the ICO that RTB is still legal.
  • Retailers Face Up To A Record Low
    Last year was the worst on record, so expect a 1% dip in November and December sales to have a major impact.
  • Influencers Get #Ad Warning From UK Regulator, Again
    Influencers can no longer rely on disclaimers in bios. It's #ad all the way to be compliant.
  • Harry And Meghan Quit To Cut Tabloid Ties
    Their shocking decision to quit senior royal life has much to do with taking control over the media they speak to.
  • Did The Tax Man Just Offer Publishing A Massive Refund?
    "The Times" has won a case that could have huge ramifications for online publishers.
  • Facebook Takes Action, But Is It Too Late To Tackle Deep Fakes?
    Facebook needs credit for promising to root out deep fakes in an election year. But can this tech be put back in the box?
  • Are Netflix Users Set To Churn To Baby Yoda?
    Analysts suggest that as many as 10% of Netflix's global users could switch sides in the streaming wars this year.
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