• Can McDonald's Really Be This Dumb?
    The answer to McDonald's flagging global sales is so simple it is literally staring them in the face. Just putting something they already make into a box they already have by the cash register could earn them millions and save us all from gobbledygook about reconnecting with core customer propositions, and the like.
  • Want To Make CEO? Start Measuring Like One
    In the digital economy where marketing teams sit at the confluence of data, customers and the business, it's a surprise that the route to CEO still seems to be through finance and sales. Could it be that CMOs need to start speaking the language of business and measure what's important to the CEO, not the marketing team?
  • Charities Suck Because They Think Digital Consumers Have 'Doormat' Written On Them
    How much of a role constant begging letters played in a recent elderly lady's suicide is probably open to debate. What isn't debatable is that charities don't seem to understand piling letters on doormats will ultimately backfire on consumers who want to engage digitally.
  • Quality Content Is Quality Content -- Why Differentiate On Print Or Digital?
    Digital inventory has been undervalued for a long time, but now that could change with a News UK deal that sees tablet spots sold for the same CPM as print. This is a great example for those seeking to convince agencies and brands of the true value behind quality content.
  • Mobile, Native And Social Will Help Brands Avoid Google vs. EU Telco Battle
    If one or more European mobile network operators is serious about "bombing" Google to the negotiating table with ad-blocking software, it will only prove that the real ways to engage mobile users beyond just search are native and social.
  • Brands, If You Want To Be Mobile, Know Me First
    Google is completely right for calling out brands on woeful mobile experiences that frustrate users by getting in the way of what they're hoping to do, rather than helping out.
  • TV Proves Millennials Really Aren't All That Different
    They're painted as a different breed that you can only converse with through specialist agencies and tools, but when asked, it turns out that just like their parents, they like to watch linear tv on the main set in the house.
  • Are You A Ninja Clickbait Hater? Pointless Second-Screen Microsoft Study Could Reveal All
    Clickbait is all around us -- and it's coming to advertising research. For marketers looking at second-screeners, Microsoft's Attention Spans lets you find out if you're a "ninja" or not all set alongside research which fails to prove a single, actionable point. BuzzFeed dressed up as research.
  • Viewability Proves Mobile And Video Go Hand In Hand
    Marketers have long suspected that mobile is the channel most suited to video, and now viewability figures from Google show that mobile video ads are roughly twice as likely to be viewable as on desktop.
  • Challenger Start-Ups -- The New Answer To Mega Brands Culling Back To Mega Agencies?
    The trend is undeniable. Brands are moving digital marketing in-house or simplifying the roster to fewer agencies -- often just one. For new agencies it doesn't look good. Will we see the rise of the challenger start-up, taking the industry to task with better service and more transparent billing?
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