• P&G's Agency Question: What Next, Now We Don't Need All This Stuff?
    What happens when huge advertisers decide they don't need all those assets and certainly don't need so many agencies and execs? We're about to find out in the year where advertisers take the front foot.
  • Struggling Twitter Can Either Go Freemium Or Go Home
    Twitter is the worst offender in talking about massive user levels while revenue drops. How much longer can it burn half a billion dollars per quarter before it goes freemium or goes home?
  • Ad Spend Figures Don't Lie -- Print's Worst Days Are Yet To Come
    Print punches way above its weight in attention versus ad spend -- yet still the nationals lost ten times more revenue in print than they made up for in digital gains last year. Sadly, worse news is inevitable.
  • Did Wikipedia's Founder Just 'Invent' The Newspaper As A Fake News Cure?
    If the answer to fake news is a news site where journalists and editors get paid through subscriptions, we already have those. We call them newspapers.
  • Election Success Reminds That Focus Is Key, Not 'Spray And Pray'
    Fascinating to see lots of social sharing today of an article in which the digital team behind the Conservative Party's 2015 success reveal that it's all about focused messages and audiences, not the big numbers.
  • Murdoch Versus YouTube And Facebook -- It's So On!
    What a coincidence -- the onslaught by News Corp against Google and Facebook comes at the same time that they are preparing to launch a safe programmatic platform.
  • Mobile Video Attention Quadruples -- Time To Ride The Wave?
    Digital video watching has doubled in a decade, while mobile video has quadrupled in half that time. This is a mega trend that will continue to become even more attractive for digital marketers.
  • Forget Integration -- Agency And Advertiser Disconnect Is Still Massive
    The latest WFA report shows that while advertisers think they are getting better at integrated briefs, agencies tend to disagree -- massively.
  • Want EU Back? Or Hard Brexit 2.0? UK June Election Will Decide
    A snap UK election called for June, a time for Remainers to unite? Can adland get excited? Or is it just a chance for Theresa May to gain more seats for a potential Hard Brexit?
  • Mobile App Surge Is An Opportunity, But Not For The Reason You Think
    Mobile app use is booming, but attention is focused on a small number of destinations. The brand opportunity lies more in mobile advertising combined with proximity than driving m-commerce directly.
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