• Mobile-First Is No Longer A Term, It's An Ad Spend Fact
    The IAB UK shows mobile accounts for 38% of digital ad spend and the lion's share of social, content and video ad spend. It accounts for half of our Internet viewing, so the only way to go is up for the small screen.
  • Dear Brands: We're All Publishers Now -- So Behave, Or Else
    It has taken a passenger being dragged off a United flight to tell the board what marketers have known all along. With the rise of smartphones and social media, everyone is now a publisher.
  • Why Do Brands Suck At Web Personalisation When Retargeters Seem To Do OK?
    New research shows that nearly nine in ten brands cannot personalise their Web experience due to lack of insight or budget. Why then, do retargeters seem to do it easily on the very same pages?
  • Marketers Are Powerless Over The 1 In 5 Consumers Who Boycott Them
    One in five consumers will boycott a brand over a scandal, and just 2% will forgive and forget. A tiny minority marketing must win over for crimes committed elsewhere in the organisation.
  • Tide Is Turning On Tech Giants Having Their Cake And Eating It
    It seemed so simple. Steer search to your own sites, make billions offering "gigs" rather than jobs, and allow advertising against whatever random people have uploaded. Then reason began to dawn.
  • P&G Is Right -- Digital Marketing Must Escape The 'Crap Trap'
    Too many people are producing too many ads that appear in too many places for too many people to ignore. P&G's Marc Pritchard is right in calling time on the "crap trap."
  • Is A Quarter Of Snapchat's Users Viewing Ads Enough?
    The research is in -- and only around a quarter of Snapchat's users have viewed an ad on the platform. Will that be enough to make the channel profitable?
  • Will BBC Digital Content Deal Save A Dying Local Media Industry?
    The BBC is riding to the rescue of local papers -- but while creating and sharing content is good news, it doesn't detract from the massive attention grip the BBC already holds over audiences.
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