• Will Wearable Innovation Make Up For Wimbledon's Ad Blackout?
    Wearables from Jaguar that measure tension at critical points are very interesting -- but with no logos allowed, what do brands get from Wimbledon unless their logo is on-screen being worn, used or drunk?
  • Ad Fraud - The Billion-Dollar Global Crime Nobody Appears Willing To Solve
    Advertisers lose billions every year to ad fraud, yet nothing is done. Could it be that publishers and networks are far more involved than we'd like to think, agencies feel powerless and brands don't want to admit they're being fleeced?
  • Multiple Media Reviews -- New Relationships, Or The Start Of Celibacy?
    Major media reviews are the talk of Cannes this week. While they are part of a natural cycle and reflect new technical questions advertisers need to ask agencies, can it be we are starting to see brands review whether or not they truly need a media agency?
  • Business Thinkers Are Wrong On Google, The EU Is Right
    The European Commission's inevitably huge fine on Google has come under criticism today from a leading British business writer in "The Telegraph," but the search giant has nobody but itself to blame for the upcoming massive fine and slap on the wrist.
  • With Ad-Blocking Rife, Native Can't Afford More Mistakes
    Native is under trial as four in ten people use ad-blocking technology -- which means brands need to get in the content game -- but a third then say they are disappointed to find that articles have been sponsored by brands. The answer is clear -- in fact, it's transparent,
  • If Media Costs Are Down, How Come Agency Fees Are Up?
    Agencies claim to be more transparent than ever as they slice the cost of media -- so why are they all reporting far higher fee income? Is extra budget fuelling growth, or are fees being topped up elsewhere in the process? It's a question that brands should be asking.
  • Click Fraud: Guidelines Are Nice, Prison And Fines Better
    We now have the click fraud guidelines and the signatories promising to act properly, so isn't it time we had some boots on the ground naming, arresting and fining transgressors who won't shy away from making fraudulent millions because guidelines suggest they're naughty?
  • Context And Devices Shape Millennial TV Viewing Differences
    Millennials are not an alien species. As new research shows, they have the same attitude toward television advertising as the rest of us, only they are more likely to be on a smartphone or tablet because mum and dad are watching "Downton Abbey."
  • Great Article, But What About The Data, Facebook And Apple?
    Facebook and Apple news services will be more convenient for consumers and increase publishers' reach. Just one point, though. What about the data? Is this sharing at its best -- or leakage at its worst?
  • Facebook's Time Metric Is Great News For Brands That Are Serious About Content Marketing
    Facebook has realised the importance of time in measuring engagement, and that can only be good news for brands favouring thought leadership over clickbait and offer codes.
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