• Bucks Or Buddies? Five Questions Twitter's Next CEO Must Answer
    Turning 300m regular monthly users into a profit has so far eluded Twitter. Here are five questions that its next CEO should consider, which boil down to the same issue -- when is the service going to risk losing friends by building profit?
  • Apple Music Will Win By Weeding Out The Free Riders
    If Apple can resist being greedy and give artists and labels a better deal than Spotify, it will be easy to see content going behind its paywall and the California company cleaning up in the music wars about to break out later this month.
  • Do An eBay And Ditch Demographics For Attitudes And Context
    It's odd, isn't it? We have never been able to collect more data about the wants and needs of a customer and the context they are reaching out to a brand, yet marketers still fall back on the crutch of demographics.
  • BT Success Will Measure Quad Play Numbers, Not Just Euro Football Viewers
    Sky Sports can talk down the loss of European football to BT all it likes, but it is missing a crucial point. BT will count sporting success in the number of people who sign for triple and quad play services and do not churn as much as it does in viewing figures.
  • Programmatic's Race To The Bottom Resisted By The Times' Quality, Bespoke Audience Data
    As bidding on ad exchanges and programmatic platforms continues to send CPMs downwards, the "Times" is showing how publishers can prove they have engaged audiences that can't simply be tapped into on social and other sites.
  • Action, Not Words - Google Needs To Stop Embarrassing Itself In Europe
    Time for talk is done. Google needs action. A bizarre apology that a company that clams to be European didn't understand how to do business in the EU, but now it does, is just embarrassing.
  • Millennial Internships -- It's Time To Play Fair
    If we don't do the right thing by millennials looking to get a break into advertising and marketing, the industry will go the way of politics -- unpaid internships that are only available to a privileged few.
  • Blatter's Gone -- Which Sponsor Will Stand For Something We Can Connect With Now?
    The time for action is drawing near with Blatter gone -- yet all the major sponsors can do is thank him for his hard work and say things now will become more transparent. Can't just one of them stand for something - like a thorough investigation leading to a potential rerun of at least the 2022 competition?
  • FIFA Corruption Is A Golden Opportunity For Brands
    The FBI investigation gives brands the chance to grow a spine and pull out of a competition that the public usually don't know they have spent tens of millions of dollars on -- or to gain the upper hand as the good guy and demand change happens before the next cheque is signed.
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