• 'WSJ' Europe Is A Bellwether Sign For Print
    The financial daily has ceased printing in Europe -- and it's a warning to all in denial over the dire future of print.
  • How Philips Turns Social Listening Into Sales
    Philips doesn't just listen to social trends -- it has a command centre dedicated to acting on them.
  • Programmatic: Do You Want It Cheap, Or Safe?
    Three in four programmatic users fear unsafe placements, while one in four have had them. Time for a safer approach?
  • Anti-Fraud Can Only Go As Fast As Adland Allows
    Think more needs to be done with fraud? Anti-fraud can only move as fast as competitor vendors will allow -- just ask JICWEBS.
  • Uber London Ban -- Great Tech In The Wrong Hands
    The ban on Uber is about how it behaves, not the tech that black cab drivers are signed up to on other apps.
  • Mobile Rules -- All Day, Every Day
    We are officially in a mobile-first world as mobile is shown to be the favoured device for Internet access all day long.
  • Uber vs Fetch Will Ask -- Do Rebates Lead To Fraud?
    Fraud dominates the headlines -- but the question is whether rebates and a lack of transparency lead to ad fraud.
  • Why Ryanair's Marketing Nightmare Is Likely Down To HR
    Treat your staff badly and it will always give you a marketing nightmare. Just ask Ryanair.
  • P&G Is Right -- The Party's Over For Digital Advertising
    The FMCG's chief brand officer claims that just 25% of spend reaches consumers. That has to end -- and it will.
  • Say What? Why Voice Will Change Everything, By 2020
    Nearly a third of searches will be made by voice by 2020. That seriously changes everything.
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