• WFA Sounds The Alarm Bell On GDPR Preparations
    A WFA report shows that marketers need to focus more on getting GDPR ready even if they are not in the EU.
  • Did The EU Just Break Digital Marketing?
    IAB Europe warns that the proposed ePrivacy Directive could halve the value of digital advertising in Europe.
  • Is Google Innocent, Or Just Trying To Cut An EU Deal?
    It's a clean-cut case of Google being caught with a smoking gun. An appeal can only adjust the record fine, not overturn it.
  • Mobile Marketing's Saviours Are Unmasked
    Pop-ups are even more annoying on a small screen, so smart executives are turning to social, native and video.
  • Banks Prepare For Their Uber Moment
    A pretty app is just the start. Shared data will open up banking to what we spend on -- not just where we store it.
  • How To Get Abandoned Carts Converting
    Barclays estimates it represents GBP3.5bn, and the key to conversion is likely clearer, flexible delivery terms.
  • Gender Shaping Up To Define 2017 In Adland
    Talk is turning into action as John Lewis ditches boys and girls labels and Clarks becomes embroiled in a sexism row.
  • Influencer Marketing Needs ROI, Not Vanity Metrics
    Yet more research shows marketers love influencers -- but still have no idea how they should measure their value.
  • Paddy Power Probe Is A Watershed -- Can Adland Not Have A Little Fun?
    The Irish bookmaker skates on thin ice -- but thank goodness, at least someone is trying to lift the mood for adland.
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