• March Was Bad, April Will Be A 'Car Crash'
    That's how execs are warning the next month will pan out as ad spending contracts by as much as 50%.
  • Lies, Damn Lies And COVID-19 Fake News
    We must applaud our key workers, but also call out the growing number of fake news sites and outright attempts to scam the vulnerable.
  • Influencers Are Now A Cheaper Way To Boost Engagement On COVID-19 Messages
    Brands can get their messages boosted by celebrities who, like the rest of us, suddenly find they have time on their hands.
  • Consumers Love Email, And Not Just For Offers
    They're telling marketers they need to up their game on e-receipts and extra features from a VIP shopper club.
  • Adland Must Accept Brands Are Not Spending Their Way Out Of This
    If you're trying to convince clients they can spend their way out of this pandemic, get real. Focus on helping rather than selling.
  • Cautious Brits On Lockdown Are Not Shifting Spend Entirely Online
    Grocery deliveries are up a little, but frightened consumers are ordering fewer online meals as the economy takes a huge hit.
  • Lockdown Looms -- Advertisers Must Deal With Britain Staying At Home
    And when Britons look for COVID-19 news, it's on the ad-free BBC.
  • Marketers Heed Own Advice, Replace Conferences With Personalised Campaigns
    The personal touch of an event has gone, so marketers are reacting by switching out generic campaigns for far more personalised messaging.
  • Attention Turns To Trusted News Brands In Troubled Times
    The latest figures back up this assumption, as nearly all national newspapers show audience growth.
  • No More Dodgy Buses -- It's Time To Regulate Political Ads
    That's right -- political advertising is not regulated, and the Law Commission says it should be. It's hard to disagree.
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