• Come Fly With Me -- But Don't Expect Customer Service
    Travel sites have been outed as failing half of the Brits that use them, and it's little surprise.
  • Is Facebook The Next Front Page For Newspapers?
    As Facebook plans its aggregation service, indirect traffic already outweighs direct traffic for UK newspapers.
  • Brands Can Take A Bow As Viewability Is Tackled With 100% GroupM Vow
    Brands are demanding more from their agencies -- such as GroupM offering a new metric of 100% of pixels rather than 50%.
  • GDPR Will Confirm Email Marketing As King Of ROI
    Engagement has slipped a little, but repermissioning lists to focus on interested consumers will be a massive ROI boost.
  • Did Facebook Just Save Digital Publishing?
    It's welcome news. Facebook will allow publishers to sell subscriptions through Instant Articles without taking a slice.
  • WPP's Tough Year Is A Bellwether For All Adland
    It isn't just Brexit or Trumponomics -- WPP's figures show brands are taking back control, and want to achieve more by spending less.
  • Unilever's Keith Weed Is Right To Call Out Adland On Lazy Stereotypes
    Could we be seeing the beginning of the end of those tiresome ads that rely on gender stereotypes that aren't funny but just grate? If Unilever's CMO Keith Weed is anything to go by, the writing could be on the wall for those mid-afternoon detergent and ready meal ads that put us all in a box.
  • Brands Put Agencies On Notice As They Begin To Take Back Control
    More than two in three global brands have changed agencies for better control, and 40% are tooling up internally to tackle issues.
  • One In Ten Hit Rate Makes Wasting Just Half A Budget Enviable
    You only have a roughly 50:50 chance of reaching your audience online. Seek out millennial women or middle-aged men and you'll be seen just 1 in 10 times.
  • Is Influencer Marketing The New Emperor's Clothes?
    They are earning huge sums that marketers don't fully understand, and delivering results they don't fully understand.
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