• Mystery Solved On Where Unviewable Ads Go To Die
    Meetrics has compiled a list of why ads are unviewable, and although the reasons are familiar, the league table makes interesting reading.
  • Black Friday -- Keep Calm And Carry On Shopping
    Black Friday shows that online retailers have improved capacity -- but only to frustrate shoppers trying to avoid a fistfight.
  • Will DisneyLife Be Frozen Out?
    DisneyLife seems to offer little that isn't already available for a higher monthly subscription than Netflix or Amazon Prime. It doesn't even offer Frozen!
  • As Brands Build Their Own Data Management Platforms, Will Agencies Become Advisors?
    Brands building Data Management Platforms is the big industry trend to watch going forward in my opinion -- and could significantly alter the way brands engage with agencies.
  • Could The Retired Be Mobile Marketing's Next Big Thing?
    They've got great pension deals, and time to spend it. Could the retired be mobile marketing's next big thing?
  • Sky Q Looks Like An Apple And Netflix Killer To Me
    If content is king, Sky reigns on with its Q service, due to beam entertainment to screens around the home and beyond.
  • Why Kill TV, The Goose That Still Lays A Millennial Golden Egg?
    Hey, there's this channel that Millennials spend 2.5 hours per day with and love -- get in quick before the gurus kill it off!
  • If One In Five Content Engagement Is A Problem, Let's Pray We Will All Become Victims
    A one in five engagement rate with digital content has to be celebrated, doesn't it? Which other channel wouldn't kill for such a "problem"?
  • Native + Mobile + Video = Future
    Facebook's head of ad tech summed it up perfectly -- the way forward is getting compelling native video in front of customers, not mobile banners they want to block.
  • Why Programmatic And Real-Time Will Save Digital Outdoor
    Digital outdoor has largely replaced posters with pixels, but getting real-time and automated could begin to change this soon.
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