• Could A Responsible Publisher Kitemark Counter Ad Blocking?
    Publishers have brought some ad blocking on themselves, so why not allow blockers to only block the bad guys and let in the good?
  • Why Messaging Must Reflect That No Two Customer Journeys Are The Same
    Brands can learn from how Heathrow has been building a single view of the customer to understand their different needs at various times.
  • As Ad Blocking Grows, Brands Must Ask Agencies - How Do I Reach Millennials?
    More than one in three Millennials is blocking ads, the IAB says, prompting brands to ask agencies how they can reach the young through display.
  • Blurred Lines -- How Digital Ends Days Of Above And Below The Line
    Research suggests marketers are looking to focus below the line -- but isn't this what digital already offers?
  • Humanity Truly Is The Killer App -- As John Lewis Shows, Again
    We are emotional beings who act on feelings more than offers, as John Lewis proves once again.
  • Millennials Find Facebook Irrelevant -- Time To Build The Service Around People, Not Algorithms?
    More than half of Millennials find that half their Facebook news feed is irrelevant. Time to ask us who our favourite contacts are.
  • How A Pint And A Coin Stopped A Non-Sponsor From Winning The Rugby World Cup
    One agency has announced non-sponsor Adidas as the tournament winner -- my souvenir Heineken pint glasses say otherwise.
  • Switch Off From Social Doom -- UK Consumer Confidence Hits A Record High
    Forget social media and the doom merchants, UK consumer confidence is at a ten-year high.
  • We Want Our Data, We Want Our Freedom - Brands Fight Back On Global Deals
    Johnson & Johnson's bespoke shop within a shop underlines the number one issue -- data (with creative freedom too).
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