• Adland Has Never Had It So Good -- Enjoy It While It Lasts
    Consumer confidence is at a consistent record high -- but that is likely to be challenged next year. Enjoy the good times while they're here!
  • Clumsy Cat And A Cute Meerkat -- The Year That Was In Advertising
    Stuffed toys are again the nation's favourite as we learn that splashing the cash doesn't guarantee you'll be liked.
  • Why Cocktails, Not Shots, Are What Brands Now Want From Agencies
    A cocktail of specialists forming a single team are what Annette King, CEO of Ogilvy & Mather UK, says brands want from the big agencies.
  • Brands Have To Mean Something By Doing Something, Content Is Key - Ogilvy's Predictions For 2016
    Content will empower brands to show they do what they stand for, says Annette King, CEO Ogilvy & Mather UK. "Brands that matter" is what the year ahead will be about.
  • IAB UK Is Right To Call Social A 'Teenager' -- Time It's Grounded Until It Can Act Like An Adult?
    The latest IAB UK figures have given social the "teenager" label. It's time the channel is grounded until it can talk about ROI instead of "likes" and "shares."
  • Keep It Real -- Science's Lesson For Campaign Success
    The latest analysis of this year's Christmas ads offers simple advice. Make 'em laugh, make 'em cry -- but always keep it real.
  • Time To See Social Is A Paid Channel Like Any Other?
    The clever guys realise the only free part of social is the testing ground it provides for which content should be promoted.
  • From Spray And Pray To Touch And Feel?
    Peugeot's vibrating mobile ad should remind brands to engage consumers as humans with five senses, not just passive viewers.
  • 3 Tips To Go From CMO To CEO From The FA's Man In The Know
    Ditch the desk, find where you can add value and then be a change agent. Simple!
  • Are Apple Online TV's Plans Folding Like A House Of Cards?
    The truth of content being king has hit Apple hard as it puts TV plans on pause.
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