• Why Britbox Will Be A Brit Flop
    Will Brits pay a fiver to watch shows they can already see for free on tv or catch-up?
  • Tommy Deleted, Wave Of 'Martyr' Hate Speech Will Need Tackling Now
    Social media must be alert -- Tommy Robinson supporters will now flood the web with right-wing hate speech for their "martyr."
  • Social Buzz Isn't Real -- Just Ask Olivia Colman And Lady Gaga
    UK buzz didn't get behind Olivia Colman as much as Lady Gaga on a quieter Oscars night than last year.
  • Post GDPR, Consumers Love Email, But On Their Terms
    Consumers still love email, but they're signing up to fewer lists and feeling far more in control.
  • Big Brand, Little Brand -- Guess Which One Gets CRM Wrong?
    Spoiler alert -- it's the big guy. Asking for data but not using it is the most heinous digital marketing crime.
  • Did Netflix's Algorithm Just Replace Oscar Judges?
    Short-listing for an Oscar is an honour, but nearly two in three Brits pay no attention as their next movie is guided by a smart algorithm.
  • EU Opts In To End The Party For B2B
    Forget cookies -- the ePrivacy Directive's biggest impact will be ending b2b marketing's immunity from opt-in.
  • Digital Marketing's Disconnect On Privacy Laid Bare
    Why are agencies way more concerned about privacy than brands and advertisers? A false sense of GDPR compliance?
  • Zuck Another Manic Monday
    With a fine pending in the US, British MPs label Zuckerberg and Facebook "digital gangsters" helping to put democracy at risk.
  • Did The EU Just Save Search, But Condemn YouTube?
    Sources suggest publishers can opt out of the upcoming SEO "link tax," but no reprieve is on offer for YouTube.
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