• Who's The 'Click Head' Now?
    If the IAB UK is right about click-through rates, why use them? Time to admit digital is about branding, not direct response?
  • Will Google And Facebook CMA Probe Focus On GDPR?
    The CMA study is almost certain to look at GDPR compliance at the dominant duopoly.
  • Government Offers Local Media Support, Not A Lifeline
    Cairncross Review makes suggestions that are unlikely to happen and a tax break local papers won't be able to use.
  • Hey, Children -- Welcome To Tinder
    "The Sunday Times" shows that kids have been abused via dating apps. Age verification is needed, and so is parental oversight.
  • Gen Z And Millennials Are Driving A Podcast Revolution
    Half of all podcast listening is done by under 35s. Spotify's interests suddenly make a lot of sense.
  • Why Germany Is Right To Tackle Facebook On Privacy
    Did you consent to your Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger data being collated? I thought not.
  • Only Thing UK Agrees On Is Regulating Social
    The country is hugely divided on Brexit, but both parties now see the only true vote winner is regulating the internet.
  • UK To End Social Media Self-Regulation
    Safer Internet Day will see the Government announce plans to regulate social media platforms.
  • Why Google Now Faces A London GDPR Probe
    Shortly after CNIL fined Google for breaching GDPR, the ICO confirms that Google is under investigation.
  • Bank Or Beer? Six Nations Rugby Sponsor's Woes
    Guinness gets a GBP9m bargain only to find people think RBS still sponsors the Six Nations. Or is it Heineken?
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