• Search Is Back, And It's Eating Display's Lunch
    It is often overlooked, but Warc says search is growing again -- at the expense of display.
  • No Media For Old Men? Sorrell Comeback Priorities Are Tech, Data And Content
    He's back -- and his priorities don't include the word "media." Programmatic it is, then?
  • MPs Threaten To Tame Google And Facebook, Again
    MPs have Google and Facebook in their sights -- again. But how can the duopoly be tackled?
  • How Can The 'LA Times' And So Many Smart People Get GDPR This Wrong?
    GDPR day one. The "LA Times" and "Chicago Tribune" go dark as the UK ignores unncessary privacy updates.
  • Could Google Case Make GDPR The Next PPI?
    As Google is sued for billions, are we about to see data privacy as the new direction for the PPI claims industry?
  • GDPR Will Curtail Zuckerberg? Don't Be So Ridiculous
    The law could have been written by tech giants who swap a service we can't do without for data we are happy to share.
  • Did GroupM's Programmatic Tax Stats Just Make The Case For Blockchain?
    A fifth goes to the platforms before anyone else is paid. Surely blockchain's transparency is the answer?
  • Govt Pretends EU's GDPR Is A UK Ploy To Tame US Tech Firms
    He called in 14 tech giants, and four showed up. Is the Culture Secretary getting desperate for signs of progress?
  • In Fake News Era, Quality Online Publishers Leap Ahead In Engagement
    World Media Group research shows that premium publishers are moving way ahead of the rest of the internet.
  • WFA Sends Publishers A Listicle -- 8 Ways You Must Do Better
    Number 4 will have you looking at rebates, and number 8 will make you weep with joy that it's not just you.
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