• Time For Brands To Get Visual - Apple TV Brings Native Video To The Sofa And Launches TVCommerce
    Apple TV with apps launches today, fans are excited, and brands should be gearing up to get the most out of video native to tap into TV commerce.
  • Abandon Hope All Ye Who Ignore Mobile In Reinvented Customer Journeys
    Customer experience is the new marketing, and mobile is at its heart. If you haven't adapted yet, get ready to walk the plank.
  • Time For CMOs And CIOs To TalkTalk About Security?
    Cybersecurity is seen as the CIO's responsibility -- but when brand reputation is at stake, it's the CMO in the firing line.
  • Billion-Dollar Con Men Will Be Tackled... Next Year
    As a guide to ad fraud is published, a seal to prove that best practices have been followed has been promised for next year. No rush, then?
  • Is Advertising's Dirty Secret Out Of The Bag?
    Rebates have always been contentious -- and now the Association of National Advertisers is threatening to lift the lid on any dirty secrets.
  • Blocking The Blockers -- No More Mr Nice Guy
    City AM has got it right. You can't reason with ad blockers. Just block them right back and deny them quality content.
  • Mobile Display's Parity With Search Shows Price Is Temporarily Trumping Quality
    Mobile hitting a billion pounds is making the headlines -- but the question should be why display is about to overtake search. Is price trumping quality?
  • BBC Hot Air Is Much Ado About Nothing
    The headlines and airwaves are full of BBC bashing -- but trust me, all that will happen is the licence fee is renewed as a "digital" licence.
  • Digital Display Must Wake Up -- Consumers Just Aren't That Into You
    We all fast forward through tv shows and navigate away from the ads, so digital display can get better -- but expecting miracles is delusional.
  • Low Viewability's True Casualty Is Not Budget, But Halving Reach And Awareness
    The main casualty of ad viewability rates barely exceeding one in two is reach. Credits and refunds can't make up for a halving of awareness.
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