• Reap What You Sow -- UK Papers Will Be Hit Hardest By Brexit Ad Slump
    The leading tabloids called for Brexit and have put themselves front of the line to suffer in the resulting ad slump.
  • Relevancy Is A Mobile Display Myth -- It's User Control That Will Stop The Blocking
    Hate to break it to you -- but nobody picks up a mobile device to see your ads, so relevancy is nowhere near as big an issue as preventing ads from getting in the way, the latest IAB UK study shows.
  • From One Second To Five. EU's Parting Viewability Gift To Brexit Britain?
    IAB Europe is taking a lead in upping viewability from one second to five just at the time that UK brands need to maximise reducing budgets.
  • Got A Brexit Plan? Hold Up Your Hand. If Not, Carry On Panicking!
    The UK is about to find out how much Brussels wants to discourage other member states from leaving the EU. Expect a recession, lower spending and slashed budgets.
  • Brexit -- Where Are We Now? Could Scotland Now Rival London?
    Marketing and advertising is a surplus-generating powerhouse that needs a free trade agreement ASAP as Scotland suddenly seems a good alternative to London.
  • Save Us From Chat Bots -- Digital's Wizard Of Oz
    They're just search boxes in disguise, aren't they? Like the old man behind a curtain pulling levers that are meant to impress, they're just a trick -- aren't they?
  • Google Is Right On VR Bandwagon Jumping -- And Cardboard Fans Are The Worst
    Google has called out brands doing VR for the sake of it -- time to wonder what on earth Jaguar is doing ordering 20,000 Google Cardboard sets?
  • Programmatic's Race To The Bottom Is A Non-Starter
    Falling CPMs were widely feared, but the latest IAB Europe research suggests publishers who embrace programmatic are actually doing very well from it.
  • MCommerce Leaders Double Up And Pull Ahead -- Have You Left It Too Late?
    The latest research shows that mcommerce has truly gained traction, but most importantly, the good guys are pulling way ahead of other retailers. Time to get mcommerce-friendly or go home.
  • Marketers Must Pray For A Remain Vote To Prevent A Service Exodus
    Two in three marketers are unsure what Brexit might hold, but it would likely be an exodus of accounts moving to countries firmly within the EU.
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