• A Kick(back) In The Teeth -- Are Agencies Working For Brands, Or Themselves?
    Is your media plan serving you or your agency's quota for kickbacks? Time to lift some rocks on advertising's murkier side.
  • Nobody Will Miss Mobile Display -- Brands, Are You Prepared?
    As Three offers ad blocking for a trial week, next month marketers must get ready to complement display with video, social and native to reach mobile prospects.
  • We All Made More Profit Last Year Than Twitter And Spotify Combined -- Houston, We Have A Problem
    More tinkering at Twitter and record revenues, and losses, at Spotify. Are giants falling? Should we be concerned?
  • It's Not Just You -- Psychoanalyst Calls Out The Selfie-Obsessed
    It's nice to hear someone who's qualified to have an opinion warn the self-obsessed they are revisiting an unhappy time -- adolescence.
  • The Best Use Of Google Cardboard Is The Recycling Bin
    Although it's a cheap, fun product, Google Cardboard is just too annoying and unresponsive to kick-start any kind of a VR revolution.
  • Forget Western Brand Cynicism -- China Loves Our Brands
    News that the British are nearly the most cynical consumers in the world can be offset by China's love for Western brands.
  • Nike Or Adidas? If You Don't Know Either, Sports Sponsorship Has A Problem
    Euro 2016, Nike or Adidas? Bud or Carlsberg? If you don't know, sports sponsorship is due for a re-examination.
  • Android Pay Is A Tipping Point For Mobile Payments As Well As Loyalty Schemes
    Android Pay will boost contactless payments as it will loyalty schemes built in to mobile payment apps.
  • Google Cardboard On The App Store -- Time To Get Virtual On Customer Experience
    Virtual reality is out there for less than ten pounds, so get planning a virtual customer experience or someone else will delight your customers.
  • Brands Plan Their Own 'Uber Moment' Disruption With Start-Up Partnerships
    If your industry's Uber moment isn't being planned internally, it's time to partner with start-ups.
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