• Brands Want Performance, Not Head Count
    Four out of five clients expect billing arrangements to shift to performance over head count this year.
  • Gender Gap Lives On In Adland Stereotypes
    Advertisers are trying to drop gender stereotypes, but Kantar shows they are not doing as well as they think.
  • GDPR Did Not Hold Back The Digital Marketing Tide
    It was supposed to boost traditional above-the-line channels, but AA/Warc figures show the opposite happened.
  • 'Too Little Too Late' -- Government Blasts Facebook
    Health Secretary Matt Hancock blasts social media giants as news of teen suicides dominates weekend headlines.
  • Google Appeals, Adland Doesn't Hold Its Breath
    There's been a feeling for a while that a tech giant needed to be fined before best practices trickles down.
  • Mail Online Fails News Test -- Will More Follow?
    Mail Online is angered at its rating from NewsGuard -- but will other UK sites face the same fate?
  • Influencers Finally Threatened With The Big Guns
    Household names are being told to reform by the CMA -- and that's a serious step change from ASA warning letters.
  • Dear Tech Giants -- 50m Euro Fines Is Just The Start
    Yesterday's record Google fine is just the start as the EU fights back with GDPR as its weapon of choice.
  • That Gillette Ad -- Now For The 'Science Bit'
    British and American women and millennials love it, but older men, not so much.
  • Netflix And Digital Natives Have Bad News For ITV
    ITV shares dip as investors are told that digital natives are watching less tv and Netflix is ever popular.
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