• Election 2019 -- Funding Fibre Is The Main Differentiator
    Tech giants are going to be taxed harder and the net will be made safer either way. Funding fibre remains the key difference.
  • Why Fake News Fears Will Not Lead To Spike In Subscriptions
    Yes, Brits are worried by fake news but with so much quality journalism provided free, why subscribe?
  • Does Anyone Get Anything Out Of Black Friday?
    Just 5% of "bargains" are good value as retailers cannibalise sales.
  • Ban. Appeal. Reprieve. Repeat. London Bans Uber, Again
    They have messed up on safety before and been given extensions. Will Uber get another?
  • Is Desktop Digital Display Dying?
    Desktop-only campaigns brought in 58% less for publishers in Q2 this year compared to last.
  • Google Applauded For Obeying GDPR On Political Ads?
    As the tech giant announces it is ending political ad micro-targeting, Adland wonders how Google ever offered it under GDPR in the first place.
  • Did The ICO Just Agree That RTB Fails The GDPR Test?
    It was a closed-door session, but it appears the ICO has decided improvements are needed.
  • Is John Lewis Losing Its Christmas Magic?
    Its last three Christmas campaigns have been its least emotionally engaging, research shows.
  • Prince Andrew's Interview Was An Avoidable Train Wreck
    Even if he felt compelled to do it, what about some contrition and empathy?
  • Are Influencers Seriously Overpaid?
    Compared to their trust levels, it's hard not to answer "yes" and wonder whether reviews are more beneficial.
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