• EU Gives Airbnb And Facebook An Early Christmas Present
    Uber will be wondering why it's a cab company but Airbnb isn't a real estate agent.
  • Boris Promises Faster, Safer Internet
    The Queen's Speech referenced faster fibre and safer surfing, but we will have to wait for the details.
  • CMA Vs The Duopoly -- It's So On
    Expect some hard-hitting recommendations in the summer after the CMA launches a full-blown duopoly probe.
  • The BBC Is Not Fox News
    The corporation has been widely criticised by sour losers. It's time they learned to look in the mirror.
  • BBC And ITV Are Beating Netflix, Amazon For Second Screeners
    Terrestrial channels are more suited to second screening, but the gap is surprisingly huge.
  • So Long EU, Hello USA
    Now all eyes will be on the tech tax and a US trade deal. It's hard to see the UK having both.
  • In Uncertain Times, Nostalgia Just Won Christmas
    Against a turbulent political climate, the public has been reacting best to tales of the old days.
  • Conservatives Copy Leave.EU Tactic Of A Huge Final Facebook Push
    But is the channel fair, or a breeding ground for unsubstantiated claims?
  • Engaging Activists, Meaningful Loyalty And Social Troubles In 2020
    Brands will think more about experience than points on a card as regulators finally tackle the tech giants.
  • Is Location A Ticking GDPR Time Bomb?
    The rules around sharing location data are severe. So how come so much is being shared?
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