• Millennials And Women's Soccer Fuel Online Video Growth
    The latest figures also show that younger audiences are tuning in for full shows, not just clips.
  • Google's Right To Be Forgotten Is A Victory The EU Should Not Forget
    What was the EU even thinking in trying to apply an EU law to the rest of the world?
  • Facebook And Sir Nick -- Does Hypocrisy Know No Bounds?
    Facebook is not a "referee" to politicians' posts -- but should the press pay libel fees, even when they win?
  • Is Uber Losing Its Brand Appeal?
    It has won a two-month extension in London, but will drivers and customers remain loyal to a damaged brand?
  • Boris' Guilt Ensures No-Deal Is Definitely Off The Table
    Today's historic ruling that the Prime Minister misled the Queen on proroguing parliament prevents no-deal -- for now.
  • Brits Are Split Over Uber And A New London Licence
    Fifty-one percent "support" for Uber shows how split Brits are on whether the app should continue in London.
  • Rugby World Cup Shows Gulf Between Sponsors And Awareness
    The public associates brands with rugby -- just not the actual World Cup sponsors (other than Heineken).
  • Are Clients Falling Out Of Love With Media Agencies?
    Data is being in-housed, but could more media functions follow? New figures show it is entirely possible.
  • Kids Listen To Friends And Family More Than Influencers
    Look beyond the headline and it's clear -- research shows kids trust each other's opinions more than YouTubers'.
  • Ditching Personal Information Is The Only Way To Save RTB
    Campaigners argue that the supply chain is too vast and databases are too "leaky" to ensure that GDPR is observed.
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