• Publishers Take The Fight To The Duopoly With First-Party Data
    Media companies are focusing on first-party data to stop info from leaking out and enriching the duopoly.
  • Shots Fired As Publishers Tell Government To Tackle The Duopoly
    "Daily Mail" says the duopoly's power could bankrupt publishers. The CMA will publish its report next July.
  • Is Programmatic Ignoring GDPR? Why Is Ads.txt Adoption So Low?
    Forget the headline figures -- these are the two big questions found in IAB Europe's research.
  • Trump And The Tech Giants Beware - Vestager's Back With EU 'Super Powers'
    The Competition Commissioner is reappointed, but this time with new powers to probe tax avoidance and to protect the IT industry.
  • Forget Trade Wars - It's Ad Fraud China Needs To Be Tackled On
    China accounts for 83% of global ad fraud, yet has a digital advertising market that is smaller than in the US.
  • BA Shows How Quickly Reputations Can Nosedive
    From national treasure to 55th out of 65 in an airline reputation league table -- BA has had a good go at damaging its brand over the past couple of years.
  • Yahoo! The UK Needs An Apology? Again!
    Did you get cut off yesterday too? UK telcos need to wake up to Yahoo's poor service.
  • Could Streaming Rugby Turn Around ITV's Year?
    Nine in 10 fans are okay with watching ads when streaming the day's games when they get in from work.
  • Did The UK Just Crack Viewability?
    The UK just hit 70% in viewability for the first time -- and that's a record in Europe.
  • Channel 4 Gets Addressable As TV Avoids Being A Digital Marketing Victim
    Digital is killing print, and with so much rich data available, it is surprising that channels are only just beginning to grasp addressable tv.
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