• Lies, Damned Lies, Statistics And Black Friday
    Of course people are buying fewer big-ticket items in December -- they bought them on Black Friday and Cyber Monday instead. Marketers really need to listen to their common sense and take warnings of declining consumer confidence with a huge pinch of salt.
  • Big Data? What About Using The Data You Already Have Better?
    Big Data sounds great -- but what about the data you already have? Until brands stop buying ads to take consumers to generic landing pages for goods they don't have in stock, shouldn't they keep well clear of the data they don't understand?
  • BT Has To Grasp Its Second Chance At Becoming A Mobile Telco And Broadcaster
    Not many companies get to drop the mobile "ball" and still have the opportunity to make amends, but BT must grasp this opportunity to be mobile again as it supplements being a telco with its new strategy of broadcaster and entertainment provider.
  • Facebook Is Dropping Bing So It Can Turn Search Queries Into Better Targeted Ads
    Keeping traffic within the four walls of Facebook seems less of a snub to Bing than it does a way for the social giant to find out what users are interested in so advertisers can dig deep to promote posts and display better-targeted ads.
  • Mobile Marketers - Consumers Won't Engage Until You Get Native And Stop Interrupting
    Mobile marketers are getting a stark warning that they can either continue to throw display budget at consumers who aren't engaging, or they can stop the flashing buttons and be part of the content instead. Just look at Facebook to see which one they should be opting for.
  • Programmatic Transparency - 3 Questions To Ask
    The view from London this week has been that programmatic isn't always fully understood or seen as transparent -- it could come down to advertisers not asking the right questions of their agencies. So here are three questions they should pose to get the transparency conversation going.
  • Unifying Sky - Is It All About Building A Single European Programmatic TV Platform?
    A unified Sky is being planned for 2015, and though pan-European sports and entertainment rights are an issue, could it just be the company is looking to build a single programmatic TV platform for Europe?
  • Digital Marketers Get Mugged For a Billion Pounds - Why Aren't They More Angry?
    Just a few days after Google revealed that just over half of digital advertisements are not viewable, The Drum has put together a round-robin opinion-gathering article and surely to everyone's surprise, the senior marketers involved are all pretty calm about the finding that half their media isn't even being seen.
  • Dear Digital Evangelists, TV Is Far From Dead
    It's far too easy to write off television as yesterday's technology and forget it's actually the largest global advertising channel -- and even next year, when we'll all be excited about programmatic TV, the set in the living room will still take a slice of the market fourteen times the size of online video.
  • Marketers Need To Get The Simple Things Right, Then Ask For IT Budget
    If marketers seriously want to get their hands on more IT budget, they really need to show they can get the simple things right first. If they are not an Amazon making their customers' lives easier, then they need to go back to the drawing board before asking for more budget.
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