• Have Guidelines Arrived Just In Time To Save Native?
    Just as confidence in native advertising dips, along comes a set of guidelines that the industry hopes are enough to restore consumer confidence.
  • Native Needs Fixing, Fast - Or Ad Blockers Will Prevail
    Native is still one of the most trusted channels -- but trust in the ad format that all are hoping will make up for ad blocking is on the wane. It needs fixing. Fast.
  • Facebook Sets Out Stall As TV Extension With Metrics Master Stroke
    Facebook bringing tv metrics to social is a master stroke in being part of the ad dollars around television, rather than a place to talk about shows.
  • Netflix Proves Marketers Need To Trust Data, Not Just Their Gut
    If you thought it's all about the pilot, you'd be wrong. Engagement is a longer journey that you think.
  • Ad Fraud Stance Is Great - But Have Media Agencies Done Enough To Stop Brands Going Solo?
    GroupM's anti-fraud stance is to be applauded but agencies must wonder if they've done enough to prevent a huge account or two from going direct?
  • What Trust Exactly Is VW Hoping To Win Back?
    When consumers don't believe the figures that car manufacturers claim, it begs the question: what trust is VW hoping to regain?
  • Give Marketers A Break -- Not All Metrics Have To Be Units Sold
    Marketers get a hard time for metrics not always reflecting hard sales, but they do still serve as measuring points on the road to conversion.
  • 'War,' Then Peace - Time To Shut Out Ad-Blocking Digital Shoplifters
    Even the executive behind the best-selling iOS 9 ad blocker realises he has hurt people -- a perfect time to bar free content from ad-blocking digital content shoplifters.
  • IOS 9 Signals Mobile Display Is A Dead Man Walking -- Long Live Native And Social
    Ad-blocking apps are topping the paid app download charts signalling doom for mobile display, steering marketers to get in the flow with native and mobile social.
  • WPP And Unilever Video Woes Mean Human Viewability Metrics Are A Must
    It's not just a technical debate any more -- proving that ads and particularly videos are viewable to humans is being championed at the top echelons of the industry.
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