• Marketing Poised To Take On Customer Experience Role
    There's a whole new exciting role for marketers to make their own -- listening to customers and devising new experiences.
  • If Display Struggles To Keep Online News Going On Desktop, What Hope Is There On Mobile?
    Although one editor is on the record saying display pays for quality journalism, the bigger question is -- will it still when we're fully mobile?
  • Global Deals Live On -- Media Reviews Are About Transparency And Data, Not Locality
    Global media deals have transparency and data at their heart rather than addressing questions over local control of global agreements.
  • Apple TV -- Why All The Fuss?
    If content is King and UK tv viewers already have Smart TVs and Sky or cable for streaming, what difference will adding Siri to Apple TV make?
  • Instagram Rolling Out Ads For All Gives Weight To Twitter 'Dumb Pipe' Jibe
    Instagram opening up to ads from all is huge news, but it begs the question: what is Instagram doing so right that Twitter is getting so wrong?
  • BBC Slaps Local Media In The Face With Its Olive Branch
    If you were a local news organisation, would you buy news from a rival supplied by a team of writers controlled by the BBC? Thought not. Back to the drawing board it is, then, for the BBC as it tries to cut costs and repair its relationship with local news groups.
  • Mobile Ad Blocking Will See 'Spray And Pray' Replaced By 'Engage And Empower'
    Ad blocking is moving on from Android devices and on to iOS within months. It is an inevitability, but then so too is the solution -- mobile native and social, which acts like a mini app to engage users and empower them to act on your call to action.
  • Vloggers' Millennial Appeal Brings Its Own Audience And Shift In Power
    Vloggers are setting a record for Amazon DVD pre-orders and are being tapped up by the likes of McDonald's to invigorate engagement with millennials. How will the old worlds of tv and DVD welcome the newest stars who bring their own audiences?
  • Why Have Email Marketers Dropped The Mobile Ball?
    As the IAB UK shows that Brits spend just over half of the nearly three hours per day they are online glued to a mobile device, why have email marketers dropped the ball? Why have they made it so hard to interact and say "yes" on a device we are clearly shifting our attention to?
  • Customer Experience Is The New Mobile Marketing -- Just Ask Apple
    The upcoming release of iOS 9 highlights the supremacy of customer service and retention over interruption and acquisition. The clock is ticking for those brands still trying to turn legacy systems into useful mobile services to keep clients loyal.
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