• It's Sales That Should Be Concerned By Data-Driven Mad Men, Not The CIO
    Data-driven marketing has led many to speculate about the changing nature of the CMO and CIO relationship, but as marketing tools look to appeal to self-serving customers, isn't it sales that needs to be concerned?
  • Do Huge Ad-Blocking Numbers Matter In A Mobile World?
    The numbers around ad blocking are massive and scary for the industry, but as the world goes increasingly mobile on small screens ill-suited to display, isn't the whole debate a moot point?
  • Brands On Alert As Massive Fines Set To Dwarf Reputation Damage After Hack Attacks
    Hacking events are serious -- but the huge names still very much alive and kicking prove they do not shut companies down. However, marketers may soon have to contend with massive new fines and stricter disclosure rules.
  • Why Premier League And Championship Shirt Sponsors Must Kick Off A Season Of Engagement
    With GBP200m reputed to have been wasted by Premier League and Championship football shirt sponsors, it begs the question: when are brands going to move from supplying a logo to building engagement?
  • Publishers - Repent Now And Stem The Ad-Blocking Tidal Wave
    Publishers that fill our tabs with video ads automatically blurting out audio or cover content with intrusive ads need to see that they are part of who is fueling the current ad-blocking trend.
  • Content Marketing Must Have Its Facebook Moment And Start Talking Native
    Content marketing will have to face its Facebook moment when an honest conversation helps brands see there are some free opportunities out there, but to build engagement and awareness, paid-for native advertising needs to be added to the mix.
  • Sport Needs Common Sense And Local, Joined-Up Marketing
    Today's repeated shock news is that chucking GBP9bn at London in 2012 has not got us all doing more sport. Any marketer knows that huge central actions mean nothing unless backed up in the field, locally. That's what sports need. And now.
  • Time For Market Researchers To Live In The Real World?
    Smart people with Excel spreadsheets can make things so much more complicated than they need to be. They only have to look at what the average family goes through to understand peaks and troughs in their figures.