• Are Better Metrics How You Restore Trust In Advertising?
    Better measurement and visibility? Surely it's all about better ads, and fewer of them?
  • Are Google And Facebook Too Big Not To Be Broken Up?
    They only play in the online half of the ad industry -- yet account for one in three of every ad dollars spent globally.
  • Will Mobile Brands Cut Marketing Budgets After MWC Cancellation?
    No compensation and no new business surely means something has to give.
  • Ads.txt Means Ad Fraudsters Are Upping Their Game
    The latest bot to be discovered has already earned $15m from sophisticated domain spoofing.
  • Google Needs To Crack Down On Financial Scammers
    The threat of a class action is unlikely to materialise, but better oversight is essential.
  • Google's UK To US Data Switch Is About Avoiding Massive EU Fines
    Avoid the conspiracy theories -- Google simply wants to deal with the ICO, not the EU.
  • Has Influencer Marketing Just Been Busted?
    Engagement is down in countries where likes are hidden as well as visible. Has #ad woken up the public to influencers' intent?
  • Adland Opens Up To Madison Avenue With Post-Brexit Job Rules
    From next year on, an EU passport will no longer be a shortcut to a job in London's adland.
  • Sorry Publishers, Brits Just Don't Want To Pay
    Just 8% of Brits will pay for digital content. And why would they, when there's so much that is free?
  • Boris Is Coming For The BBC
    "The Sunday Times" has revealed that Boris wants to swap the licence fee for a subscription charge and slim down the BBC.
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