• BBC Means UK Stands In Europe For Trust In Public News
    It's the only top news source in a Western European country that is trusted nearly equally across the generations.
  • Chancellor Gambles On A 2% Digital Tax For Tech Giants
    Not the full-scale mugging from a "windfall" tax, the digital services tax is low enough to be swallowed.
  • As Adland Enters A New Era, An Apology To Sir Martin Sorrell
    An apology for Sir Martin as we ponder what is next, now that he is competing with WPP.
  • What Next For Sorrell's Train Set?
    WPP's share price has tumbled and revenue is disappointing. How will Mark Read get Sorrell's train set running again?
  • Right-Wing Hater Of 'Scum' Media Is A Serious Threat
    He is a convicted football hooligan who wants to spread his brand of race hatred to mainstream politics.
  • GDPR's Gift To Marketing -- Fewer Emails, More Engaged Lists
    Email marketing volumes have halved and engagement is on the upswing since May's new law.
  • Adland Must Help Tell School Kids -- Code Or Get Coded
    If the digital skills gap is ever to be bridged, adland needs to help BIMA get the coding message out to schoolchildren.
  • Calls For Facebook Investigation Unlikely To Lead To UK Action
    But there's nothing stopping British advertisers from following the US lead and suing over inflated metrics.
  • A Record Black Friday? Erm, Unlikely
    Wunderman-owned Salmon is predicting a bonanza -- but recent Black Fridays would suggest the trend is downward.
  • English Football Dodges An OTT Bullet From La Liga, But Just For Now
    The Saturday 3pm slot is still protected. But OTT will end it one day soon.
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