• Mobile Social Video Thrives, But Print Likely Down A Third In Three Years
    Ad spend is deserting print to line up behind mobile social video.
  • Latest AOP Figures Are Bad News For Native Advertising
    Native is struggling to make the leap to mobile while video takes it in its stride.
  • UK And US Align On Digital Advertising Safety
    No turf wars -- just a very sensible decision to align standards and protect ad spend.
  • Viewability Just Got A Whole Lot Better -- Here's Why
    UK viewability has improved three quarters in a row to overtake Germany. The reason why is simple.
  • GDPR Is Not Just About Consent -- Why All The Panic?
    Marketers are getting scared as May's deadline looms, but legitimate interests is a viable, lawful option.
  • BuzzFeed Shows Top Writing, Millennials And Ad Blocking Don't Mix
    Quality journalism cannot be funded by advertising alone, particularly if your core audience are blockers.
  • Forget The Headlines -- Murdoch Control Of Sky News Is Just Delayed
    You'd think they had been given a no rather than an invite to come back with a promise to spin out Sky News.
  • Fake News And Algorithms -- Is Boosting Facebook Instant Articles The End Game?
    Throttling news from feeds will surely benefit Facebook as more publishers consider Instant Articles.
  • GDPR -- Will 60% Really Opt Out Of Email Marketing?
    It's not just what companies do for GDPR, but what customers do with their new powers.
  • Brexit Vote Was Clear -- Why Ask Facebook To Search For Russian Trolls?
    Oh, the irony. Had the young people on social media voted, we wouldn't be looking for Russian trolls.
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