• Did YouTube Just Step Up On Brand Safety -- Finally?
    It's a little late, but YouTube finally seems to have grown up and committed to brand safety.
  • Consumers Fed Up With Too Many Intrusive Internet Ads
    They like channels that respect their experience. TV, Facebook and outdoor can take a bow.
  • Facebook Opens A Legal Pandora's Box
    By settling a case of revenge porn in Belfast, Facebook has set a massive precedent.
  • Facebook Confirmed As Ad Platform -- Did You Not Get The Memo?
    Tweaking the algorithm against businesses is final confirmation that the days of a free ride are over.
  • Crazy Lords Vote To Tame UK Press Must Be Opposed
    Accept our rules or pay both sides' legal fees in any libel case. You've got to be kidding, right?
  • Did Facebook Just Admit TV Was Right About Video Ads All Along?
    Its latest research shows that a traditional tv experience is the best way to maintain engagement.
  • Programmatic Transparency To Remain The Top Issue In 2018
    8 in 10 marketers are still worried about it and 7 in 10 are now acting on those concerns.
  • Amazon Has Festive Retail Blood On Its Hands
    High street retailers paying full UK tax reveal festive figures as Amazon washes blood from its hands.
  • No Nanny State -- Sugar Tax And 'Latte Levy' Are Marketing Opportunities
    Marketers need to tap into new levies and taxes to get their branding on the solutions.
  • Social Giants Should Fund Safety Lessons, Or Risk Losing A Generation
    If social giants don't prepare schoolchildren for a world of "likes," do they risk losing them forever?
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