• Adland Braces For Sorrell's 'Deep Doo Doo'
    Sorrell's prediction for the holding companies may ring true as AA/Warc says the UK ad market will decline by 16.7% in 2020.
  • Why Creatives Will Be Praying Harder Than Most For Growth
    Most are not expecting a bounce-back in the fourth quarter -- and it could be creatives that continue to be hardest hit.
  • 'The Guardian' Is Winning At COVID-19 On Google -- A Shame There's No Prize
    It's the ultimate pyrrhic victory. It's leading in Google searches, but advertisers are blocking COVID-19 stories.
  • Is GDPR On The Verge Of Failing?
    If so, should the European Commission investigate whether member countries are putting enough resources into enforcing GDPR?
  • Magazines And Newspapers Lose Out As Brits Stream Through Lockdown
    Print's decline in media attention is now four times worse than previously predicted as television and digital video boom.
  • Budgets Are Slashed, But They Will Return
    That is the takeaway from the IPA's Bellwether figures -- a huge reduction now, but budgets will be back within a year.
  • Lockdown Micro-Influencers: Digital Marketing's Hot New Trend
    Micro influencers were already growing in importance, but in lockdown they are a new hot trend, Warc research identifies.
  • Newspapers Must Convince Advertisers, Not The Government, To Survive COVID-19
    Publishers are already starting to ask the Government for "help," although demand is soaring on digital platforms.
  • Is This The Start Of COVID-19 News Fatigue?
    We're starting to consume less news, just when news groups were hoping to better monetise COVID-19 stories. As Havas has discovered, it's the beginning of COVID news fatigue.
  • Google Vs Publishers -- It's A Copyright Puzzle
    Google will now need to pay, to take a line from French publishers -- but don't media companies want free traffic?
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