• Journalists Must Press Government Harder In COVID-19 Briefings
    The daily briefings have not always seen shortlisted journalists ask the most probing questions.
  • COVID-19 Lockdown Is The Time To Hire Influencers And Their Smartphones
    Big tv ad productions are impossible, so surely it is time to get influencers signed up for video marketing on social.
  • The Privacy Puzzle Of Fighting COVID-19 With Bluetooth
    Anonymous tracking via Bluetooth will help from a health officials' standpoint, but will be of limited use for citizens.
  • Advertisers Must #BackdontBlock Trusted COVID-19 Media
    Advertisers must disarm blocklists that stop brand names from going near COVID-19 coverage, which is fighting fake news.
  • Customers Will Have Short Memories When This Is All Over
    Some say brands will be punished if they treat staff poorly but we'll soon be shopping for price and convenience rather than employee relations.
  • Brits Turn To Trusted Media During COVID-19 Lockdown
    BBC News is seeing a 16% increase in audiences and "The Sun" is seeing a 10% spike in interest from GenZ readers.
  • Use It Or Lose It -- The Harsh Warning On Local Media
    "Press Gazette" has some interesting points on why advertisers must get advertising and readers must get reading.
  • Is COVID-19 The UK's Fake News Moment?
    Social media regulation is already being considered. Surely the Government will come down harder on misinformation?
  • Keyword Blacklists Make Mass COVID-19 Attention Hard To Monetise
    Expect news organisations to furlough staff as ad blacklists mean they cannot fully monetise the mass attention paid to COVID-19 stories.
  • Creatives Are Ahead Of The Curve In Welcoming A Future Without Cookies
    They obviously have the least to lose, but creatives are showing that we all need to get behind first-party insights.
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