• Google, You Owe Us -- Signed, The UK
    Five billions pounds worth of UK ad sales and a GBP67m tax bill -- bring on the Chancellor's Digital Services Tax.
  • Could Brands Afford To Boycott Facebook?
    The WFA is calling on brands to hold social media giants to account, but dare they?
  • EU Ruins Search, Tells Google To Fix It
    The EU wants Google to open up search, but has now imposed a link tax for doing so.
  • Sky And Netflix, The Apple TV+ Killers
    Two rivals are already working together in the UK to ensure Apple TV+ is unlikely to gain a foothold.
  • Consumers Go Private -- Dare Facebook Follow?
    Two in three consumers are now sharing content privately. Does Facebook dare peek under the lid?
  • Do We Really Want Brands To Be Our Friends?
    It has been a week of brand image and purpose -- and yet the brands that do the best often reflect our views the least.
  • Has The EU Just Got It In For Google?
    A massive 8.2bn Euros in fines in two years -- and the last one looks questionable.
  • Is Instagram Turning Influencers Into Affiliates?
    The moment you have an in-app buy button, influencers could be moved from branding to sales.
  • NZ Terror Video Makes Internet Regulation Certain
    When a massacre can be live-streamed and shared 300,000 times, even Facebook knows the game is up.
  • This Show Is Brought To You By A... Salad?
    New Government proposals will ban junk-food ads before 9pm both on tv and online.
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