• Black Friday Week Shifts Online As High Street Struggles
    Black Friday was a damp squib all round, but the week's sales online were up while the high street flatlined.
  • Did Influencer Marketing Just Grow Up?
    From likes to CPM, influencer marketing is moving beyond followers to get reach from boosts.
  • London No-Show -- Is Zuckerberg's Position Safe?
    Many founders have been asked to step aside when the going gets tough. Could Zuckerberg share their fate?
  • WPP Restructures Around Integration And Single P&Ls
    An integrated shop, possibly working from single P&Ls? That seems to be Mark Read's vision for WPP's future.
  • Parliament vs Facebook -- MPs Are Playing Hardball
    If Zuckerberg won't come to London, MPs will just seize the documents they feel may have the answer.
  • 6 Reasons Why It Will Be Lonely This Christmas For TV
    Ofcom charts foretold the upcoming decline in tv advertising this festive season.
  • Dear Adland, We Don't Trust You -- Signed, Everyone
    Should ad execs be worried they are the country's least trusted profession, below even politicians?
  • Storytelling Makes Sir Elton And 'Rang-Tan' Christmas Winners
    Slick, festive stories, and a tour to sell out mean that Sir Elton and a scared orangutan have won Christmas.
  • Will Google News Pull The Plug On Europe?
    It closed down Google News in Spain when a "link tax" was introduced. The result? Publishers begged to get back free Google links.
  • Did Black Friday Just Kill October?
    Retailers' sales fell at their fastest rate in six months -- and experts are now believing Black Friday is to blame.
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