• Is Second-Party Data Even A Thing?
    Come on, you must have wondered too.
  • ASA Decisions Need To Speed Up And Ban Ads Before Campaigns Finish Anyway
    It is clearly run off its feet -- but decisions to ban ads for campaigns that have finished make little sense.
  • Is This Boris Johnson's 'House Of Cards' Moment?
    A move that is worthy of a Francis Underwood power grab has left London's adland stunned as Brexit looms ever large.
  • Trump Dials Down Tariff Threats Over European Tech Tax
    Reports suggest President Trump is dropping plans for higher tariffs on French wine -- and that is good news for the UK.
  • Fake News Or Censorship? The Nuanced Disinformation Battle
    In a week dominated by Hong Kong account deletions, research shows that fake news is very tricky.
  • Libra Investigation: EU Balks At Allowing Facebook To See Spending Habits
    The EU wonders if customer data is enough. Does Facebook really need to know what we have in the bank?
  • Can IAB Europe Save Programmatic From GDPR?
    A new framework is aimed at providing transparent consent, but can it?
  • Far Right Must Be Tackled Over Journalist Attacks
    The NUJ is appealing to the police to protect journalists from the rise of right-wing hatred.
  • No Deal Brexit -- Would The Data Really Stop Flowing?
    It is a major concern raised by the Yellowhammer leak at the weekend. But surely it is unlikely?
  • Facial Recognition, RTB And Google -- Where Will GDPR Finally Bite?
    This week's uproar over facial recognition is unlikely to lead to GDPR's first big fine.
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