• Is Personalisation A Step Too Far?
    Shouldn't there be a little more mystery, and segments? Won't reading emotion be even creepier?
  • Welcome To Election 2019: Whoppers, Fakery And Copyright Fails
    And that's mainly just the Conservatives as they play fast and loose in a regulatory vacuum.
  • The Duopoly Is Back In The EU Dock -- Expect Massive Fines
    If they can prove they stick to GDPR, they will be fine. If not, there could be massive fines in the post.
  • Did The FAANGS Just Start An EU Trade War?
    Trump has warned that tariffs are coming over digital taxes. The EU is promising to return fire.
  • UK Ad Growth Figures Hide Print's Alarming Demise
    GroupM's figures are upbeat -- but print's share of UK ad spend has halved in just four years.
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