• Why Do We Still 'Listen' To Social Media?
    The pollsters got it spectacularly wrong last night -- but then, so too did social media. Is anyone going to interrupt social's unquestioned onward march and point out that it's a handy channel, but if you're expecting it to be an oracle of the truth you might as well as a pollster?
  • CMOs Served Notice - If They Don't Drive Digital Transformation, CIOs And CTOs Will
    The CIO and CTO are the CMO's partner in all this digital transformation, aren't they? Sure, as long as the CMO realises if they don't take the lead role and drive programmes that it will likely be done for them -- and with the CEO's blessing!
  • Context Is Mobile's Cookie - O2's Lesson To Us All
    Mobile marketers are missing a trick if they treat the channel like a desktop. Mobile devices tell you about their owner, but crucially reveal location and so likely intent. This is almost certainly why O2 is going its own way with Weve to add some snipers to the huge artillery at its disposal.
  • Internet of Things' True Promise Is Real-Time Digital Marketing
    Forget dishwashers arranging their own servicing appointment -- what about elevators that match executives to dinner offers or shelves revealing which items you should be promoting in search and display? Now there's a revolutionary use for IoT, and it's just beginning to take shape.
  • Humanity Is The Killer App
    H2H, or human-to-human marketing, is a big buzzword in digital marketing circles right now. As so many campaigns become tech-based and "me too," the takeaway from this week's Adobe Summit, for me, was to think less about shiny tech and more about engaging the most human of all emotions, empathy.
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