• Coke And Football? Booze And Health? What Gives?
    Are brands conning the public with health activations, or is the public just forcing them to do good?
  • EU Copyright Law: Did Google News Just Get Banned?
    The "link tax" law will just hurt publishers who rely on Google for masses of free traffic.
  • UK Regulation Is A Mess -- Just Ask A Spam Caller Or Influencer
    Influencers go unpunished and new rules that were supposed to protect us from spam calls just cause confusion.
  • Apple's Week: From Trillion-Dollar Value To The Most Shorted Share In History
    What a month. A trillion-dollar valuation and then the most shorted stock in history -- and just ahead of tomorrow's launches.
  • BA Proves CMOs, CIOs Must Collaborate On Customer Experience
    Customers may love the service, but if they can't trust your IT, brand image will suffer.
  • UK And US Need To Trust More On Fake News Detection
    Falling for fake news is more common in the US, but both countries underestimate others' ability to spot it.
  • Gen Z And Mobile Are A Developing Ad-Blocking Nightmare
    Mobile ad blocking has doubled in four years -- and Gen Z is twice as likely to block as average.
  • Are Google's Snippets A Death Knell For Publishers?
    Any ad-supported site driven by content, rather than e-commerce, must be concerned as CTRs drop 39%.
  • Sorrell's Nominated Replacement Vs New Broom -- Did WPP Get It Right?
    Will Read bring more of the same when WPP could be seen to be in need of change?
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